5 Home Cooling Myths – Keeping Your Home Cool

Keeping cool in the summer can be tough to do depending on your air conditioner and air cooler systems. If you know what myths to look for you can easily keep your home comfortable and cozy no matter how hot it gets outside.

Take a look at these five myths on keeping your home cool and be sure to avoid falling into these traps that so many others fall into.

1. Larger System, Cooler Home

A typical myth going around about cooling your home is you need a bigger system to do the job. In some instances, that is the case. In most instances if the system is too large then you will not have a comfortable home. This is because the system will continuously short cycle causing issues with the cooling of your home. If your current system is having trouble it could be a larger unit is needed. This is best determined by having an energy evaluation from your HVAC technician.

2. Turn Down The Temperature

Some people believe that to keep the home cooler is to keep the temperature down. You might think by turning down the temperature that you can bring the house temp down faster. That is not the case. The HVAC unit will work at the same speed no matter what the temperature is set at. It’s going to continue working at a steady pace until it reaches the setting you have chosen.

3. Leave on Fans

Some believe that by leaving the fans on in the house it will help it to cool the house down. These fans do not actually cool the air down they just keep air circulating. While it might seem cooler in reality, it’s not.

4. Air Conditioners Only Keep Air Cool

While it is their main job to cool down the air, that is not the only thing the air cooler systems do. They also help to remove humidity out of the air. When the air is too humid it can feel much warmer than it actually is. By removing some of the humidity out of the air, you can easily keep your temperature higher than you would. This is because it will feel cooler at higher temperatures when the air is not as humid.

5. Maintenance is not Needed

You may be thinking maintenance is not an issue because your system is running fine.The whole point of having HVAC maintenance run is to keep your system running as smoothly as possible. This is done by having a certified technician come out to your home and inspect the system.

They can come out and change air filters, clean systems and ensure that all the components are running as they should. Maintenance should be done on your system regularly such as each year or every season change. Make sure your technician is HVAC certified to handle your system.

These five myths are not the only ones that people have about air conditioning systems. You need to have maintenance regularly and fix problems before they become huge issues. Remember that just because your system is not running smoothly that you do not always need a larger unit. Have your technician come out and discuss with you options on keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Stay cool this summer by not falling for the popular myths listed above. Keep your temperature setting at a regular setting with a programmable thermostat. Remember that changing the temperature will not get it to cool down faster. It’s going to work at the same pace at all times. If you notice problems talk with your HVAC technician to find out the best route to take.